Boris Kolesnikov explained what real decentralization should be

10.04 | 20:09

During a working trip to Donetsk region, the leader of the party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" Boris Kolesnikov met with the leaders of towns and villages and introduced the leaders of local party cells and reminded them once again what the essence of real decentralization is and why it is so important in the economic growth of the country.

"There are things that belong to the center all over the world: defense, security, foreign policy, and national and international infrastructure. With us, however, everything is built according to the principle: "here are your expenses, and you will find the revenues yourself." It does not work that way. In the world, everything comes from the bottom up.

Communicating with local activists, the party leader emphasized the importance of the strength of a professional team, particularly in that it is composed of representatives of all ages, and that the key to success of any party is a competent structure. The country needs such a team now, because there is a demand in society for professionals.

"Our task is to build the party starting from the grassroots. We plan to complete this process in six months. We are opening regional, district and city organizations and want to reach every polling station. Probably the brightest example of building a vertical party structure in the world is the USA," the politician said.  

The party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" has opened 11 local cells in the Donetsk region.

The leader of the party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" also noted the importance of qualified local leaders: "Five previous presidents let themselves be subordinated to the system. Our system looks like a salad cake: there is a part of the Soviet system and another part - an unsuccessful copying of the Western experience. It is important to understand that the institution of local self-government brought success to the West. This system must by all means be torn down and rebuilt. I believe that the most important thing - the gold of the party - is the leaders of city, district and regional organizations".


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