10 years to the renewed sports heart of Ukraine

10.08 | 21:30

The leader of the party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" Boris Kolesnikov congratulated all Ukrainians on the 10th anniversary of the NSC "Olimpiyskiy", the holiday of Ukrainian sport and thanked everyone who helped with the reconstruction of the stadium.

"Today is exactly 10 years since the moment when a team of professionals was able to do the seemingly impossible. Renovation of Olympic NSC, as one of the infrastructure objects included in the calendar of preparation of the country for Euro 2012, was carried out in the shortest possible time.

There were up to 10 000 builders on the construction site at the most busy moments. Scale, resources, people and machinery were turned into a single tense nerve.

Everyone managed to exhale only after the grand opening, when millions of spectators could feel all the power of Ukrainian spirit of fans and spectators at the NSC Olimpiyskiy," the politician stressed.


04.10 | 20:09
Boris Kolesnikov explained what real decentralization should be
03.10 | 14:55
The “UKRAINE-OUR HOME” party opened a city cell in Bakhmut
01.10 | 20:40
The Party "UKRAINE-OUR HOME " presented the leaders of Pokrovsky district and Mirnograd city cells
01.10 | 20:36
In Druzhkivka there was a presentation of the city organization of the party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" and the introduction of the youngest leader of the party cell among all.