On the special occasion of the Agricultural Workers Day, the leaders of the Konstantynivska and Ilyinivska cells of the UKRAINE IS OUR HOME party, Yevhen Mishustin and Vladyslav Miroshnichenko, congratulated the residents of the Ilyinivska community, who devoted their entire lives to work in this industry. “It was a great joy to talk with our veterans and to learn their stories. Regrettably, one would not call the life path of many of them as smooth and cheerful. But the strength of the spirit of these people, their resilience, and perseverance are truly inspiring. They have earned respect, honor, and gratitude. Let their health be strong and let their lives be filled with positive and joyful moments!" - Yevhen Mishustin pointed.

22.01 | 18:32
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The leader of the Party UKRAINE IS OUR HOME Borys Kolesnikov noted that recently the number of foreign-made agricultural products on the shelves of Ukrainian stores and supermarkets has been growing steadily. “During one of the latest live TV broadcasts, I have given an example of milk that Ukraine imports from Poland. It seems to me that selling Polish milk in Ukraine is quite strange to say the least. Churchill once said: “I thought I would die of old age. But when the Russian Empire, which was producing bread for the entire Europe, started to purchase grain, I realized that I would probably die of laughter." The current situation with milk from Poland is quite similar,” the politician emphasized. He also explained the success of Polish milk in Ukraine: “It goes without saying that like everyone who works in the production sector, I am the proponent of free markets. But in this particular case, it is important to understand why Polish milk ended up in Ukraine. According to the seven-year plan adopted by the EU, agriculture and the food industry received one trillion euros for development and created new jobs using the latest technologies. The Eastern European countries received the lion's share of this money. Therefore, Polish milk is now cheaper than Ukrainian one. And it should be a wake-up call for us”. Borys Kolesnikov is deeply concerned about the current situation as it could potentially have dire consequences. “Ukraine is at risk of becoming a real colony. This was the case with India in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Anyone who paid attention to history classes at school would recall that Indian fabrics were the finest in the world before the British arrived. And by the end of the 19th century, India, one of the dominant exporters, turned into an importer of British fabrics. Those fabrics were not of the highest quality but they were most definitely pricey ones. This case is well worth your thinking. We can turn into a colony - big and poor. And we must reverse this trend as soon as possible. Otherwise, it might be too late later," the leader of the party UKRAINE IS OUR HOME proclaimed.

01.12 | 17:02
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The leader of the party UKRAINE IS OUR HOME, Borys Kolesnikov, is convinced that it was the politicians who invented the problem of dividing Ukraine into Western and Eastern parts. “There is no such problem. There was a time when I traveled all over the West of Ukraine. Together with the sports teams, I traversed it up and down. And I have never encountered a disrespectful attitude towards Russian-speaking people. If you look closely, they first raised this topic in 2001. And, regrettably, it was “successfully” exploited by the NASHA UKRAINA party. They found success via the speeches that proclaimed that the right type of Ukrainians lives in the West, while bandits and the likes live in the East. In 2002, the little-known party NASHA UKRAINA received 22% of the votes. Nobody cared that they were thus destroying Ukraine,” the politician recalls. The leader of the party believes that there is no need to “stitch” the country together. What we need is to remove the manipulations around this issue. “Then you will see how the problem disappears by itself. There is no such thing as Eastern and Western Ukraine. There is the East and the West of our country. Let's make it successful together." As for bringing Donbas back to the administrative borders of Ukraine, Borys Kolesnikov noted that achieving peace should be the task of the utmost priority for the Ukrainian government. “The Minsk Treaty was signed. Of course, it contains clauses that we agree with and those that do not serve our interests. Let's consider controversial issues separately. Let the ministers deal with them. You do not give the promises you cannot keep. Let the national interests of Ukraine be our North Star. In six months, everything will go back to normal. The main thing is to regain control of the borderline. It is imperative we finally push this process out of the limbo." The leader of the UKRAINE IS OUR HOME party also expressed confidence that in 5 years the Donbas will make more money for Ukraine than Ukraine will spend on its restoration. “We must solve this problem or admit we are unable to do it. Every day we see news reports of killed soldiers or civilians. These are broken families and children who will never see their parents again. Airports and other objects of the Donbas infrastructure can be restored in one year. But there is no way we could bring back 15,000 people who lost their lives in this conflict. It is the most regretful truth. I am more than convinced that the Donbas will make more money for Ukraine in 5 years than Ukraine will spend on its restoration. And it is easy to prove from an economic standpoint. The sooner we bring Donbas back to Ukraine, the sooner Ukraine will become triumphant! ” Kolesnikov summed up.

29.11 | 18:46
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The leader of the party UKRAINE IS OUR HOME, Borys Kolesnikov, made this comment while being invited to MARATHON program on the NASH TV channel. “Regrettably, the ordinary citizens will shoulder all the problems just as they always do. If we compare the stats, Ukraine has one of the lowest utilities costs in Europe (including electricity) while having the lowest salaries. So one must consider the cost of living and the share of utility bills in the total income of Ukrainians. This share in Ukraine is one of the highest,” the politician stated. He believes it is not the high cost of utilities that constitutes the essence of the problem, but the low level of salaries. “It is all because of low productivity rate which is caused by the fact we do not have high-tech means of production. There is hardly anything that needs to be proven here. Ukrainians are capable of working in Europe and receiving a European salary. It means they know how to get things done. They don't pay pay money for nothing in Europe. And in Ukraine, no workplace can offer the means to achieve such a level of productivity. And we again get back to the need for cheap and long money (loans) to modernize our production facilities. Only then will the economy start to work." Borys Kolesnikov also stated that the current situation with energy resources in Ukraine is the result of uneducated decisions that the Ukrainian government made over the past few years. “Ukraine has the largest gas storage facilities in Europe. What stopped them from buying gas at the price of USD200 per 1000 cubic meters and filling storage facilities with it? This approach is unprofessional and incompetent. Now the cost of gas is several times higher, and ordinary Ukrainians have to pay for it. Let us also remember that when we import electricity, we destroy the jobs of Ukrainian power engineers and miners. And this is a direct threat to the national security of Ukraine!" - the leader of the party UKRAINE IS OUR HOME summarized.

12.11 | 13:36
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10 years to the renewed sports heart of Ukraine

The leader of the party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" Boris Kolesnikov congratulated all Ukrainians on the 10th anniversary of the NSC "Olimpiyskiy", the holiday of Ukrainian sport and thanked everyone who helped with the reconstruction of the stadium. "Today is exactly 10 years since the moment when a team of professionals was able to do the seemingly impossible. Renovation of Olympic NSC, as one of the infrastructure objects included in the calendar of preparation of the country for Euro 2012, was carried out in the shortest possible time. There were up to 10 000 builders on the construction site at the most busy moments. Scale, resources, people and machinery were turned into a single tense nerve. Everyone managed to exhale only after the grand opening, when millions of spectators could feel all the power of Ukrainian spirit of fans and spectators at the NSC Olimpiyskiy," the politician stressed.

08.10 | 21:30
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Boris Kolesnikov explained what real decentralization should be

During a working trip to Donetsk region, the leader of the party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" Boris Kolesnikov met with the leaders of towns and villages and introduced the leaders of local party cells and reminded them once again what the essence of real decentralization is and why it is so important in the economic growth of the country. "There are things that belong to the center all over the world: defense, security, foreign policy, and national and international infrastructure. With us, however, everything is built according to the principle: "here are your expenses, and you will find the revenues yourself." It does not work that way. In the world, everything comes from the bottom up. Communicating with local activists, the party leader emphasized the importance of the strength of a professional team, particularly in that it is composed of representatives of all ages, and that the key to success of any party is a competent structure. The country needs such a team now, because there is a demand in society for professionals. "Our task is to build the party starting from the grassroots. We plan to complete this process in six months. We are opening regional, district and city organizations and want to reach every polling station. Probably the brightest example of building a vertical party structure in the world is the USA," the politician said.   The party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" has opened 11 local cells in the Donetsk region. The leader of the party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" also noted the importance of qualified local leaders: "Five previous presidents let themselves be subordinated to the system. Our system looks like a salad cake: there is a part of the Soviet system and another part - an unsuccessful copying of the Western experience. It is important to understand that the institution of local self-government brought success to the West. This system must by all means be torn down and rebuilt. I believe that the most important thing - the gold of the party - is the leaders of city, district and regional organizations".

04.10 | 20:09
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