10 years to the renewed sports heart of Ukraine

The leader of the party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" Boris Kolesnikov congratulated all Ukrainians on the 10th anniversary of the NSC "Olimpiyskiy", the holiday of Ukrainian sport and thanked everyone who helped with the reconstruction of the stadium. "Today is exactly 10 years since the moment when a team of professionals was able to do the seemingly impossible. Renovation of Olympic NSC, as one of the infrastructure objects included in the calendar of preparation of the country for Euro 2012, was carried out in the shortest possible time. There were up to 10 000 builders on the construction site at the most busy moments. Scale, resources, people and machinery were turned into a single tense nerve. Everyone managed to exhale only after the grand opening, when millions of spectators could feel all the power of Ukrainian spirit of fans and spectators at the NSC Olimpiyskiy," the politician stressed.

08.10 | 21:30
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Boris Kolesnikov explained what real decentralization should be

During a working trip to Donetsk region, the leader of the party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" Boris Kolesnikov met with the leaders of towns and villages and introduced the leaders of local party cells and reminded them once again what the essence of real decentralization is and why it is so important in the economic growth of the country. "There are things that belong to the center all over the world: defense, security, foreign policy, and national and international infrastructure. With us, however, everything is built according to the principle: "here are your expenses, and you will find the revenues yourself." It does not work that way. In the world, everything comes from the bottom up. Communicating with local activists, the party leader emphasized the importance of the strength of a professional team, particularly in that it is composed of representatives of all ages, and that the key to success of any party is a competent structure. The country needs such a team now, because there is a demand in society for professionals. "Our task is to build the party starting from the grassroots. We plan to complete this process in six months. We are opening regional, district and city organizations and want to reach every polling station. Probably the brightest example of building a vertical party structure in the world is the USA," the politician said.   The party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" has opened 11 local cells in the Donetsk region. The leader of the party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" also noted the importance of qualified local leaders: "Five previous presidents let themselves be subordinated to the system. Our system looks like a salad cake: there is a part of the Soviet system and another part - an unsuccessful copying of the Western experience. It is important to understand that the institution of local self-government brought success to the West. This system must by all means be torn down and rebuilt. I believe that the most important thing - the gold of the party - is the leaders of city, district and regional organizations".

04.10 | 20:09
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The “UKRAINE-OUR HOME” party opened a city cell in Bakhmut

The presentation of the party “UKRAINE - OUR HOME” took place in Bakhmut, Donetsk region, and the leader of the city party cell was introduced. He was 32-year-old Bakhmut resident Maxim Kanayev. The leader of the party "UKRAINE- OUR HOME " Boris Kolesnikov emphasized the importance of the work of the leaders of the district and city cells. "You all know Igor very well. He is a decent man, and I am sure that he is able to provide our party with decent support in Bakhmut. It is very important, because I have always said that the most important thing in the work of the party, which will be able to change the situation in the country, is strong regional cells. That is precisely the "gold" of the party," said Kolesnikov. In his speech Maxim Kanaev expressed his gratitude to the leader of the party for this opportunity: "I know very well what problems Bakhmut residents are concerned about and how to solve them. I'm sure that together with such a team of professionals we can do anything! Borys Kolesnikov also visited the Fair of Horticulture where he awarded certificates for business development for 100, 50 and 25 thousand UAH to local farmers-winners of the competition "Bakhmutsky Garden". Also together with the city mayor Alexey Reva they discussed two projects for the next year: to organize a large scale festival "Bakhmutsky Shlyah" and plant 50 thousand rose bushes in the community.

03.10 | 14:55
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The Party "UKRAINE-OUR HOME " presented the leaders of Pokrovsky district and Mirnograd city cells

"For us this day is a big event. We are different from other parties because we will have our own branch and activists in each community in Ukraine, which is "our home". We have young people and people with experience in our team. They are all professionals. They solve problems that may seem unsolvable at first sight. Of course, the foundation of our team is also those people with whom I was preparing to hold the "Euro-2012". These people have already proven themselves. We are building a mobile, modern, dynamic and technological party that is ready to change the country, society and the consciousness of citizens," Boris Kolesnikov, the leader of the party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME", said in his opening speech. During the conference, Anna Onipko, head of the Pokrovsky district organization of the political party "UKRAINE-OUR HOME" was introduced. "First of all, I want to express my gratitude for the trust. I have been working as a journalist for over 8 years, due to my profession I know firsthand about many problems of our community. I have had to cover different situations... And one day, while working on a story, I asked myself the following question: What else can realistically help me to solve this or that problem? The answer was, I'm here today! I am ready to work fruitfully with the team for the sake of qualitative changes! And these changes should have affected every resident of the neighborhood and every resident of our country, because the Ukraine is our Home", - said Anna Onipko. Also during the conference Boris Kolesnikov introduced the future heads of urban organizations in Selidovo, Kurakhovo, Novogrodivka and Dobropillya.  After the event, the audience posed questions to the leader of the party.  Boris Kolesnikov, party leader, introduced the Head of Mirnograd city organization of the political party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" Iraida Bereza. "The main basis is local activists. We want to gather a club of like-minded people, professionals in their business. We want to build an entirely new party with an emphasis on local self-government, which is the foundation of the state," Boris emphasized. "I will try to justify the trust given to me, which will allow Myrnograd and its citizens to develop socially and get what people want to see for a normal life, so that Ukraine really becomes our home. For me, the priority decision is social issues, what the residents care about first and foremost", - stressed the head of the Mirnograd city organization of the political party "UKRAINE-OUR HOME" Iraida Bereza.

01.10 | 20:40
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In Druzhkivka there was a presentation of the city organization of the party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" and the introduction of the youngest leader of the party cell among all.

    Party leader Boris Kolesnikov introduced the leadership of the cell and told about the program of the political force.   Addressing the audience Boris Viktorovich noted that "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" is fundamentally different from other parties because other political forces are business projects of their leaders.  "We are at the beginning of a big way. Vyacheslav Lovchikov, the youngest deputy of the Druzhkovsky City Council, will head the city organization of the party. He will also be the youngest leader of the party's city branch in all of Ukraine," said Boris Kolesnikov. - We should not be afraid of giving the way to the young, because they have ambition, a fresh approach to solving problems, and they are not afraid of new challenges. Also we should not forget about pensioners, because all that we use now has been created by them.   Boris Viktorovich pointed out that Druzhkovka is a special city for him, because of his eight championships - five of them were won by HC "Donbass" in Druzhkivka. Last summer, due to disagreements with the city authorities, the team had to move to Kramatorsk. At the moment, talks are underway to ensure that the youth team Moloda Guardia will hold its games on the ice arena Altair. Continuing a sports theme, Boris Kolesnikov stopped at a terrible state of Druzhkiv stadium. Answering the question about the sports complex, the politician promised to look into this question and in the near future he would give his vision of the solution of the problem. The most likely way to attract funds for the reconstruction of the sports complex is its inclusion in the program of the president of Ukraine "Velyke Budivnytstvo". The most acute problem of Druzhkivka is water supply and to solve it, it is necessary not only to repair the Second Donetsk water pipeline, and ideally to lay a new line parallel to the existing one, but also to deal with intracity networks. "The city authorities do not want to go "underground" to deal with communications," said Boris Kolesnikov. - If the authorities of Druzhkivka are not able to solve the problem of the Second Donetsk conduit on their own, then they are obliged to put in order the pipes within the city. put the pipes within the city limits in order - they have to.   As to the language question, Boris Viktorovich said that in the near future it will not be possible to grant the Russian language the status of the state language, because no political force will be able to assemble 2/3 of votes of the Verkhovna Rada for making changes in the Constitution. And those politicians who promise to do this are populists and demagogues and earn political points on this topic. The way out of this situation is the introduction of the institute of regional language, which will be approved by regional councils. Concluding the meeting, Boris Kolesnikov suggested that in the near future to hold a "round table" with the involvement of experts to discuss Druzhkivka problems more specifically and to form a road map to solve them.

01.10 | 20:36
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"The future of Kostyantynivka is in the revival of industry"-. Boris Kolesnikov, the leader of the party "UKRAINE-OUR HOME" introduced to the inhabitants of Kostyantynivka community the leader of the city party cell and presented the p

Many projects of the Boris Kolesnikov Foundation are implemented in Kostyantynivska community. On this day one more, the most large-scale of them - the construction of the modern innovation techno-park - was presented. The community representatives who met with the well-known politician and philanthropist were the first to see the video presentation. They found out from it, that the technological park will consist of several complexes. They will concentrate a variety of scientific, technical and innovative activities. Its work will be aimed at commercialization of scientific and technological developments. The project provides for the creation of co-working centers, which will help to implement startups and initiatives of young Konstantinov. As Boris Viktorovich commented, in his opinion, Kostyantynivka can't do without creation of such an industrial site. The city today, with a budget of approximately eight hundred million hryvnia, has no more than two hundred of its own revenues. And if ten thousand citizens get a job, the local budget will be "in the black". - I will take care of charitable programs in any case. But the most important thing for the citizens is jobs. Otherwise, young people will not be retained, they will leave, and Konstantinovka will be empty. Therefore, if we don't build a new industry in the city, nothing will work - said Boris Kolesnikov. From this day on the party "UKRAINE - OUR HOME" will be represented in Kostyantynivka by the head of its local branch Vladyslav Miroshnichenko. He thanked everyone for their trust and promised to make every effort in order to continue the implementation of previously initiated projects and introduce new ones. - Our team sincerely wants that the younger generation did not leave the community and the country. That young men and women learn, develop and stay here. They want to live where they were born. We will do everything possible and impossible for this, - said Vladyslav. Boris Kolesnikov congratulated the new party leader in Konstantinovska community. He noted that his party colleagues have always lived by the interests of Donetsk region, and the new generation will support these traditions. - There are a lot of ideas, I do not want to get ahead of ourselves. Gradually, step by step, we will familiarize community residents with all our programs. We will constantly inform them about the fulfillment of our obligations. And you, please pass your initiatives on to Vladislav", - summed up Boris Kolesnikov, the leader of the party "UKRAINE-OUR HOME".

01.10 | 19:58
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