Every treatment starts with a correct diagnosis. There is little doubt that the three decades of Ukrainian independence exposed vast numbers of mistakes made by politicians. As a result, Ukraine found itself amidst severe, almost catastrophic political and socio-economic circumstances: lost territories, ongoing war, shattered industries, obsolete economy, struggling morale, depopulated lands, and absurd by their very nature humanitarian experiments. These are the real challenges the country has found itself facing. What used to be our defining features – our tolerance, our ability to find compromises, our wisdom, hospitality, and the love we have for work – has recently been canceled. We are now bowing to the primitive instincts of the crowd, bigotry, fanaticism, xenophobia, and kneeling in front of “Our Partners From The West”.

Moreover, we have found ourselves in a situation when the majority of crucial decisions about our foreign policy, international relations, national security, anti-corruption struggle, and healthcare are made outside Ukraine. In fact, it is the problem of neo-colonialism and the loss of sovereignty that we have encountered. The Declaration of Sovereignty adopted on the 16th of June, 1990, was in fact reduced to nothing in the aftermath of the events of 2014. Thirty years after we have become an independent state the problem of restoring the sovereignty of Ukraine is vital yet again!

For seven years the institutions of power in our country have been consistently proving their monstrous incompetence. Disguised by democratic slogans and European values, lawlessness has been thriving like never before. Presented to the world as the efforts to protect national interests, the acts of brutal violation of human rights, and total neglect of the Constitution continue to take place.

What we witness today is the transformation of the very mental foundations of Ukraine. The generation they currently shape has little concern about the future and what we pass on to the next generations. The society they shape thinks slogans, is incapable of analysis and eventually loses its immunity against the sharp challenges of the present.

We have to proclaim the decline in all spheres of economic life and the industry first and foremost. Right in front of us, a full-scale strategic campaign is unveiling. And its primary goal is the destruction of the Ukrainian industrial complex. For generations, we have been building the wealth of our nation. Metallurgical and defense enterprises, machine-building plants, the leaders of the rocket, aviation, and shipbuilding industries, mines, chemical industry enterprises – all of them have almost entirely been destroyed. Millions of the citizens stay unemployed, abandon our country in their quest to make a living. It kills our pension fund and wipes out the tax base for healthcare and education.

Science, culture, healthcare, and sports are also gradually declining. Putting it straight, the state has no sufficient means to invest in these domains.

After three decades of independence, the Ukrainian state has degraded to the extent it threatens its existence.

We, the members of the political party “UKRAINE – OUR HOME”, sincerely support the stability, territorial integrity, and economic development of Ukraine. We stand for the right of our citizens to have their own opinions and freely express their will. We believe in a peaceful future for our children, the right for each region to determine its destiny and develop within the framework of an integral state body, Ukraine. Thus, we have joined our efforts and formed a consolidated team that is capable of action and creation.

We consider that our primary objective is to fulfill the following tasks:

- to restore the primacy and true sovereignty of the Ukrainian state;
- to achieve socially viable results for the citizens through economic growth.

The main goal of our Party is to facilitate the formation and expression of the political will of the citizens of Ukraine, participate in elections and other political events.

In a world that is constantly changing and taking into consideration that Ukraine is at the intersection of geopolitical interests of global players, we must show political flexibility in foreign affairs. Our guiding principles are healthy pragmatism and the drive to restore civilized relations with all the neighboring states according to the norms of international law, as well as the promotion of the interests of Ukrainian businesses on the global markets.

We must create a system of protection of Ukrainian interests and also protect the Ukrainian market from unfair competition.

We consistently support the open doors policy that has brought international acclaim and success to many countries. Nonetheless, we are firmly committed to extensive cooperation with all the members of the international community. We are convinced that Ukraine cannot be limited by the tight framework of the European Union Association Agreement. Still, we realize the significance of European integration as a strategic political and economic guideline for Ukraine.

We will be open to all countries but put a major focus on the development of an elaborate investment policy. We are committed to the economic imperative in foreign affairs. In other words, we believe in the pragmatic approach that will be most beneficial for the Ukrainian economy and allow us to find new markets, new partners, and new investments.

We will be open to all countries, but the development of an elaborate investment policy will be our main priority. We are committed to the economic imperative in foreign affairs. In other words, we believe in the pragmatic approach that will be most beneficial for the Ukrainian economy and allow us to find new markets, new partners, and new investments.

We are consistent in our support of the idea of political and military neutrality for Ukraine. We consider a total restoration of our military and defense complex with the careful consideration of the modern challenges and technologies. We must reverse our country’s course from importing weapons to exporting them at scale.

We admit that after the series of economic and social reforms Ukraine can become a member of the European Union. But this question should be the subject of the National referendum.

As the state that has lost part of its territories, Ukraine must initiate the reevaluation of the main principles of safety and collaboration in Europe. And it is not only the principle of inviolability of European borders that should be the cornerstone of this new process but also the system of collective defense of such inviolability.

We recognize that the state borders of Ukraine are the borders of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic circa 1991. We stand for the restoration of the integrity of Ukraine and the reinstatement of Donbass and Crimea as Ukrainian territories maximizing the use of all diplomatic means to achieve this goal.

We support the vision of Ukraine that is strong and respected, with a distinctive voice in the global processes and the ability to protect its interests.

The guiding principle of our domestic policy is the concept of Ukraine for the Individual providing social security for citizens and delivering socially significant results of economic growth.

We support the unitary state model but with an extensive delegation of most functions from the center to the regions. The defense policy, national security, foreign policy, and infrastructure projects must be the main priorities of the central government. The National Bank must also remain independent. The rest of the processes must be managed regionally. It also involves changing the way we approach forming the national budget.

We believe in the parliamentary republic model when the role of Verkhovna Rada is more significant and the functions of the President are more limited. The two-chamber parliament must form the government and share the full responsibility for what happens in the country with the executive branch. Its lower chamber should be elected proportionally, and its upper chamber should represent the interests of the country's regions. We stand for radically reducing the number of members of the parliament. It will improve the efficiency of parliament and increase the reputation of the supreme legislative body.

We stand for the reform of the judicial branch, which should grant true independence to our courts. We support the introduction of jury trials, and oppose the external control of the judicial vertical even if such control is presented with noble slogans.

We believe that the anti-corruption struggle is of great significance as it helps to establish strong statehood and the rule of law. But it is also our belief that virtue-signaling repressive measures cannot determine the success of anti-corruption efforts. Quite the opposite, we must introduce the two globally acclaimed principles: nothing-to-bribe-for and nowhere-to-use-bribe. The first one means that administrative services are delivered digitally, transparently, and with little human interference. The second principle represents the quality system for the Ukrainian citizens and state officials to declare their income and expenses.

There are 340 thousand law enforcement officers in Ukraine (or 870 per 100,000 people). There are only three countries with numbers higher than that: Belorus, Brunei, and Russian Federation (in the United States there are 270 cops per 100,000 people). Does our country really need so many police officers? Can Ukraine afford such a luxury?

We stand for limiting the functions of Ukrainian police down to the protection of public safety. Police must perform local functions and be financed from local budgets.

We stand for professional military service and also for introducing our youth to military and patriotic values.

We stand for the new Constitution of Ukraine. It must establish a new system of domestic relations, distribution of power, and guarantee social success to the Ukrainian people.

The world is facing a new global crisis that might have far-reaching implications for Ukraine. The pandemic of coronavirus has catalyzed this process. But we believe that Ukraine must take advantage of new opportunities that any crisis holds.

We believe that the international approach to overcoming the economic crisis must be solidified and applied.

We must get our country back on the G-20 list where it had actually been until 1991. Before the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine was responsible for 8-10% of the global production of steel, cast iron, tractors, sugar, coal, and natural gas. Ukraine was exporting goods to 120 countries around the world. 46 of 64 types of goods that the USSR exported were manufactured in Ukraine. Their cost was 30 billion USD per year. Here are the statistics of the annual production levels per capita in Ukraine:

- wheat – 1000 kg (today less than 200 kg);
- meat – 155 kg (today 23 kg);
- sugar – 104 kg (today less than 27 kg).

In other words, Ukraine has tremendous potential but we must use it well.

That is why we believe that there should be three vectors that define the Ukrainian economy. We are talking about the three macro-regions of Ukraine. For the Eastern part, the vector is directed towards the restoration of its strong industries and production potential. For the Central part, the focus is on agricultural production (mainly farming and food production). For the Western part, we talk about the development of the service industry and infrastructural projects for the tourism industry.

We believe that one of the most important conditions for the development of Ukraine is removing all limitations and regulations that are restricting economic freedom and are nothing but the fertile ground for corruption. We constantly remind ourselves of the famous words of Margaret Thatcher: “There can be no other freedom without economic freedom!”

We have vast reserves of raw materials but insufficient levels of domestic demand for them. It forces us into exporting raw materials and remaining a “raw materials state”. And this might push us to the sideways of the global technological processes, as well. The new industrial revolution and new social order threaten Ukraine with degradation and lagging behind. We must create a program to stimulate the domestic demand and form the internal consumer market.

We are convinced the deindustrialization policy is a grave mistake. It is a populistic, voluntaristic, and sloppy policy that leads towards the destruction of the economy and its export potential. It is the root cause of all the problems with the national currency, inflation, and other crisis processes. By losing metallurgical and chemical enterprises, mines, factories, and the markets we are selling our goods to, we are condemning our country to a painful quest for new priorities during the challenging times of globalization, tough competition, and the finalization of the processes of the global division of labor. It has already resulted in hundreds of thousands of lost jobs, the need for retraining workers, and severe economic depression.

We must pay serious attention to the development of progressive industries and the modernization of the economy.

The case of Slovakia demonstrates that in a matter of a few short years, the country with no developed industrial complex can start producing 1 million vehicles per year, making the car-building industry its top taxpayer.

Unlike Slovakia, Ukraine had one of the most potent industrial economies in Europe in 1991. But over the course of thirty years, it has degraded and today demands rebuilding.

We must pay special attention to the metallurgical industry, machine-building, and ship-building (including the projects to restore the world’s largest river navigation system), chemical, light, and food industries, robot building, and equipment building enterprises.

In this regard, we must radically revisit the way our banking system operates. The banks must propel economic growth and provide low interest rates for businesses to develop and the economy to become more competitive.

In the farming industry, we must create conditions for the development of individual farmers and holding companies. First and foremost, we must ensure high levels of processing in the farming industry. It will increase the return on investment in the agricultural industrial complex. And it will also result in substantial growth of Ukrainian GDP. The success cases of such countries as South Korea, Ireland, and China prove that nothing is impossible.

We must focus on infrastructural projects in rural areas, for example, the construction of roads and railways, logistics and processing facilities, and providing cheap loans for farmers.

The service industry also demands special attention. It has the potential to become the major growth factor for small and medium businesses in cities, and solve the unemployment problem for people in cities as well as for newly emerging groups - landless country dwellers. When the state stimulates private business initiatives, creates the environment for new cooperation, and supports small businesses, it paves the way for the service industry to become the third pillar of the domestic economy, alongside industry and agriculture.

The development of IT and high-tech industry is of particular importance. It is capable of making Ukraine one of the leaders in software development and application.

When the government today presents receiving the loans from IMF as their major achievement and sort of moon-shot goal, we respond with the following argument: if the West genuinely cares to help, they should work out the new Marshall plan for Ukraine. New technologies and investments must come to Ukraine.

These are the crucial prerequisites for investors to come to Ukraine:

- creating a competitive tax system using as benchmarks the global success cases of achieving excellent results within tight time limitations;
- ensuring the court rulings are just and transparent, and the courts themselves are independent;
- eradicating corruption and bureaucracy by creating legislation that protects domestic and foreign investors.

We regard social policy as a smooth system of interaction between the state and its citizens that aims at creating comfortable conditions for personal growth and development from birth until the age of seniority.

The policy of support and protection for children encompasses several age periods - from birth till the first job.

1. Birth rates stimulus program - the child from 1 to 3 years of age

We must initiate the construction of new perinatal and neonatal centers.

We must also go back to the progressive birth rates stimulus system when the payouts increase substantially with every next child born. The financial aid for the birth of the first child should be no less than 102 200 UAH, for the birth of the second child - no less than 204 400 UAH, and for the birth of the third child - no less than 406 000 UAH. The aid comes in equal installments during three years. Such a system existed in Ukraine in 2012-2014, and we must restore it.

2. The child from 3 to 6 years of age

The main objective of our team regarding this age group of Ukrainian citizens is to create favorable conditions for the opening of new kindergartens and other pre-school institutions. We also aim to apply the world’s most progressive knowledge when it comes to working with children of preschool age and helping them to develop a sense of harmony.

Most investments into the construction of new preschool centers must be conducted from local budgets. The change of the state budget policy and opening new financial opportunities for the local self-government should make it possible. We also intend to stimulate the opening of private pre-school institutions by canceling for at least 10 years the land tax, the income tax, and 50% of the income tax for private entrepreneurs that work in such institutions.

3. The child from 7 to 13 years of age

We consider primary education and helping children to establish a solid knowledge base to be of great importance.

We intend to develop patriotic education for school children. The main focus must be put on after-class activities such as sports schools and classes, and other activities that help to develop the talents of children. We must ensure our youth are engaged at all times, and their talents, knowledge, and skills grow. These activities must be financed by local budgets. The private foundations and individual business people can also support such activities through programs of corporate social responsibility.

We must bring up responsible citizens of Ukraine.

4. Youth from 14 to 17 years of age

It is essential to pay attention to the professional orientation of young people and the promotion of certain professions among them. We cannot be the country that almost exclusively produces lawyers, economists, journalists, and managers.

We must shift the focus to professional and technical training, which has recently been neglected. This area requires a new approach to planning and forecasting. It should take into account the actual demand for qualified workers from businesses of various forms of property. The system of professional and technical training can be financed in part from the local budgets and in part from the formalized custom orders. No wonder the Western education system pays particular attention to professional and technical training: 2/3 of students receive specialized professional training, and only 1/3 get a university degree.

The military and patriotic education of youth are increasingly important as they must be ready to protect their Motherland. To achieve this goal, we need to restore the military training for the young people as one of the stepping stones towards professional military service.

Since we are bringing up not only the patriots but people prepared to live in the global world, we must promote the learning of foreign languages and cultures to deepen the understanding of modern economic and political processes.

We must develop special programs for children in the rural areas as they should get equal opportunities for personal growth and further education alongside their peers who live in cities.

5. Family and society

The family is the centerpiece of our society. So major national and public programs must support not as much a person or citizen but a family.

We believe that two working adults in a family are the foundation of prosperity.

We consider that the state support of young families is essential. Especially when it comes to purchasing a home, a car, or other necessary goods. With this in mind, the state must stimulate the system of cheap loans for young families at a level comparable to the interest rates in Europe (3-5% per annum).

We believe that we must restore the policy to stimulate the adoption of children from orphanages by Ukrainian citizens. Our goal is that every child must live in a family!

All children that grow up in the families of Ukrainian families must feel happy and protected.

We do understand the challenges the young people face as they graduate from universities. That is why we are initiating the adoption of the law about the first workplace. According to this law, the employer is exempt from paying social taxes from young professionals' salaries until they reach 28 years of age. Young professionals are also not paying the income tax for private entrepreneurs until they reach this age.

We stand for increasing the formalized state custom order for students’ education up to 75%. Thus, more young people will execute their right to free higher education.

We believe it is necessary to conduct the reform of the system of higher education and reduce the number of universities down to the optimal level that makes sense. The university’s main objective is to reproduce scientific traditions and schools of thought. At the same time, we need to restore the higher educational establishments that used to be called institutes. They are the centers for training professionals for various spheres of economic life.

We stand for the new way the state approaches the work of teachers and educators.

Upon signing the state contract, a teacher should immediately be granted the right to receive an apartment. They will be able to pay back the cost of this apartment over 25 years with zero interest rates.

Teachers already working will be granted the right to receive a zero interest rate government loan to purchase an accommodation.

In rural areas, the state must facilitate the construction of new housing or create opportunities for teachers to rent an apartment.

We must provide stimulus for professional technical education, the training of workers for industry, and exchange of experience. Thus, we must extensively promote and support the progressive knowledge and skills of teachers and also create public veneration of the teaching profession in our country.

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the problems that the Ukrainian healthcare system faces. These are not only long overdue reforms, but the reforms require substantial correction. The reform of the healthcare system that has been implemented for seven years, made Ukrainians helpless in the face of epidemics and pandemics.

We must immediately launch the correction of the healthcare system reform and transition over to the Western system of interaction between a patient, healthcare facilities, and financial institutions (such as bans and foundations).

We must create favorable conditions to attract the world’s largest hospital chains to Ukraine. They will allow improving the quality of diagnostics and treatment of patients. While constructing a medical facility, land for such a project must be granted free of charge. The state also must make medical companies exempt from paying income tax for 10 years.

We must make healthcare affordable for all groups of citizens. This in part can be achieved by introducing and promoting health insurance.

The state must cover 100% of insurance payments for the retirees until the savings retirement system is fully operational.

The state and the local governments must cover 100% of insurance payments for state military servicemen, police officers, local government officials, people who work in the education and healthcare sectors.

For businesses, we must introduce a five-year step-by-step model to provide healthcare insurance for employees. During the first year, the state covers 80% of insurance costs, and the employer covers 20%. The ratio for the second year is 60%/40%, for the third year - 40%/60%. During the fourth year, the state only covers 20% of insurance costs and starting from the fifth year, the employer covers 100% of the cost of healthcare insurance.

Upon signing the state contract, a doctor should immediately be granted the right to receive an apartment. They will be able to pay back the cost of this apartment over 25 years with zero interest rates.

Doctors already working will be granted the right to receive a zero interest rate government loan to purchase an accommodation.

With our level of human capital, scientific opportunities, infrastructure, and traditions, Ukraine must quickly start providing the best quality healthcare available in Eastern European countries. We must also establish a system of medical tourism for the foreign citizens who wish to receive healthcare services in Ukraine.

Today the state government leaves senior citizens alone to face their problems. What they promised as an increase in pensions turned out to be nothing but a pathetic hand-down. Many citizens have lost their monetary privileges. And inflation devalues the meager payments that retirees receive even more.

A radically different approach to the retirement system is needed.

We suggest modeling our new retirement system after the German one. A retiree in Germany de-facto receives three pensions: the one provided by the state, the savings one, and the corporate one, which is tied to the number of years they worked. We must guarantee that every citizen starts receiving the state retirement payments once they reach the age. At the same time, we must stimulate the accumulation of savings through retirement plans that will allow a citizen to feel themselves a valuable part of the society even after they reach the age of retirement. The corporate pension system will strengthen intercorporate relations. This pension might be symbolic in terms of its size, but still, it will demonstrate that employers take care of their employees even after they have retired.

A successful person cannot feel comfortable in a poverty-stricken country. That is why the main mission of a business person is to conduct positive change in society: such as the launch of environmental programs, financial aid programs for the youth, and support for infrastructural projects.

We believe that nationalism in its extreme forms plagues and threatens Ukraine. Intolerance, xenophobia, the false sense of privilege once multiplied by frail political culture can lead towards tragic consequences that we witnessed during the 20th century in many European countries.

Ukraine is a multinational country. Any attempt to force one part of society or the other into adopting what is foreign to them might cause an unpredictable reaction.

So, it is crucial to grant local communities the opportunity to solve the issues of language and humanitarian policy.

We must not emphasize what is dividing our country. We strongly support the concept of the nation as a union of people that share a common future. And this is the direction we are going to pursue.

We stand for a worthy representation of the Ukrainian culture in the global community.

We oppose any interference of the state government in the matters of religion. And we believe that the Church must be separate from the State.

We are against any forms of restriction of the creative process, such as the restrictions on freedom of speech and personal self-expression.

We believe that such delicate matters as language, religion, and history must be kept outside politics and political battles.


The political party “UKRAINE – OUR HOME” is going to adopt the following ways of achieving and fulfilling the goals, objectives, and directions declared in the Program:

  1. Building up a team that shares the same vision and is united by the ideology stated in the program documents of the Party;
  2. Carrying out vigorous political activity in order to establish itself and become an influential political force in Ukraine;
  3. Participating in the elections of the President of Ukraine, the Parliament of Ukraine, the Parliament of the Crimean Autonomous Republic, local Councils, the Heads of cities and villages administrations;
  4. Implementing the crucial reforms that we have proclaimed and that are necessary for all spheres of public life in Ukraine;
  5. Conducting meetings, conferences, workshops for citizens of Ukraine on essential matters of public life; organizing community reception chambers of the Party.

We are convinced that together we can overcome the crisis and devastation, end the war and achieve peace and prosperity, union and harmony, social well-being, and economic growth. We call everyone to fight for the actual independence and sovereignty of Ukraine, for giving our country its voice in international politics. We call everyone to join hands and work together to achieve the major goal – the development of Ukraine as an independent, sovereign, prosperous state which is highly regarded internationally and is providing social security within its borders.